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There are certain movies that come out where you read the premise and get the general idea of how it might play out. The Lobster is not one of those movies.

After lazily skimming over the synopsis on IMDB I had to re-think what I had just read. In The Lobster according to The City laws single people are required to move to a specialized hotel in hopes of finding a partner. If they fail after 45 days they are forced to be transformed into an animal of their choice. There you have it. The most ridiculous plot I have ever heard of at least for a rom-com. Which is why I needed to see this by all means necessary.

David, played by Colin Farrell, has just checked into the hotel with a dog who was once his brother. David is recently separated from his wife of nearly 12 years who had cheated on him. Now it’s time for him to move on or he must become the animal of his choice which is a lobster.

There are some strict rules in the hotel. One of them is a ban on masturbation which we see is an offense punishable by a hand being inserted into a toaster. There are ways to add time to their stay by hunting down former guest who have escaped. They’re known as “the Loners.”

The guest are forced to attend dances to mix and mingle with each other. It’s also encouraged for people to find similar flaws which hint at compatibility such as nose bleeds, limps, lisps and near sightedness.

Desperate to avoid his impending animal transformation  David falsely convinces a cold hearted woman that they are a match by acting just as callus as she does. But she eventually sees through his ruse. David has no choice but to run to the forest and become one of the Loners.

As we’re introduced to the Loners we find that they have formed their own set of rules to counter the hotel. Masturbation is now fair game for all. Talking to the opposite sex is allowed but any flirting is prohibited. But David who is short sighted finds he is compatible with one of the Loners, a short sighted woman played by Rachel Weisz. She sees he’s a match as well. All hell breaks loose from here.

The Lobster is often layered with dark subtle humor but there are moments of absurd slapstick that you can’t help but laugh out loud. Seeing Colin Farrell kick a small girl in the shin had me in stitches. Odd tonal shifts are of the norm throughout the two hour film which doesn’t make it easily watchable for all viewers, but many will find the ridiculous setup enjoyable.

As a single male in my horrifyingly late twenties I couldn’t help but fantasize how my stay at the hotel would play out. Dead dog I would presume. Sadly I don’t see our society differing too much from this nightmare hotel. I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves to find love. I certainly grew up with the impression that I’d be married with kids by now. But alas I can’t even afford a studio apartment. Dating apps are a weird avenue no one should venture down but some people would do anything to not spend another minute alone.

Before we obsess about whether we’re compatible with the opposite sex we should first be compatible with ourselves. If that means choosing to be a lobster rather than the common dog then so be it. I, on the other hand, am not an animal!