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It’s the Summer of Western Films!   Leave a comment

Val Kilmer sweating bullets as Doc Holliday in one of his best performances in Tombstone (1993)

As long as I can remember, I’ve never been a fan of the Western genre. It was always something I’d turn on in the middle of on a boring weekend afternoon, and then quickly turn off. Over the years, they’ve grown on me and I’ve wondered why. Maybe I’ve just matured and I’ve allowed myself to try new things. My appreciation and passion for films over the past few years have increased significantly. Not so much in an analytical sense, but just straight up enjoyment.

When you really think about it, was there ever a more awesome time period to live in than the wild west? You wake up to the smell of a died out fire, and amazing desert landscapes all around you. Hunt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hit up the saloon for a drink with the locals. Get a real man’s shave at the town barber. Carry a gun everywhere you go, and the best part, you get to ride a horse for purposeful reasons. Yeah, I’m talking to you, cops on horses.

It was truly a man’s time to shine without having to be respectful or respected. Just be who you are, and do what you gotta do to survive. If spitting tobacco everywhere was your thing, then no one was going to tell you off, because most likely, you had a gun.

You just don’t get performances like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, James Stewart, and heck, even Roy Rogers anymore. All of which, may not have always given Oscar caliber performances as western movie actors, but there’s no denying when you seen them on screen, you know for sure that they’re completely in love with their character and the fact that they’re in a freakin’ western! I think this is where my passion for westerns has rubbed off on me. When I see John Wayne practically playing the same role over and over again for most of his life, I start believing that he’s pretty much got the life. Why would he do so many if they weren’t so much fun to film?

No matter what the real reason is for my sudden craving for killer cacti and iron spittoons, I’m embracing every bit of it. So I’m dedicating this summer to the Western genre and will try to cram in as many as I can before the Fall, in which by then, I believe the zeal could be gone. YEEHAW!


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